Myctophidae extract from deep sea source, lactic fermentated products and their applications thereof/FRI

The present invention discloses functional peptides from deep sea source and their applications such as an external composition for skin, a collagen synthesis activator, a material of healthy food for regulating immune functions, an immune modulator or a material for removing free radicals in vivo including said functional peptides, and lactic fermented products by enzyme hydrolysis peptides from Myctophidae source so as to be a food preservative or an effective ingredient of healthy food material. It is characterized in that said functional peptides has formed via enzyme hydrolysis from Myctophidae source in deep sea to obtain short chain peptides (molecular weight below 5000 Dalton) for activating epidermal and keratin cells and improving roughness of skin.; Moreover, lactic fermented products by enzyme hydrolysis from peptides may be food preservatives or healthy food material because of themselves further comprising food safety, anti-mutation genesis and total bacteria counts higher than standard value.
Patent Family: TW I398258