Insect infection method for production of proteins/MDARES

The present invention provides an insect infection method for use in the production of a protein with a baculovirus expression vector in the insect, the method comprising the steps of: (a)providing a plurality of insect larvae or pupae; (b)providing a solution comprising a wild type baculovirus or a baculovirus expression vector having a desired gene encoding a protein; (c)stressing the insect larvae or pupae; (d)soaking the insect larvae or pupae in the solution for an appropriate time so that they are infected with the wild type baculovirus or the baculovirus expression vector; (e)incubating the infected larvae or pupae for production of the protein; and(f)harvesting the protein. The method can treat a great quantity of larvae simultaneously, achieve batch infection of larvae or pupae, save manpower and effectively infect larvae or pupae at a high infection rate.
Patent Family: TW I428449、CN 102286533