Insect clamping device /AHRI

The present invention provides an insect clamping device, which comprise a base and a cover. The base comprises a plurality of receiving chambers for receiving insects therein and a cutting platform. The receiving chambers each have an end forming an opening on the base and adjacent to the cutting platform. The cover can be set on and close the top of the base to hold insects in the receiving chambers. Accordingly, the present invention allows a user to place insects in each receiving chamber. Through the shape design of the receiving chamber and the clamping portion of the cover, an insect can be held in the receiving chamber, so that one end of the insect may project through the openings to be set on the cutting platform outside the receiving chambers so as to allow a user to cut and collect body fluids of a plurality of insects.
Patent Family: TW I491353、CN ZL 2012 1 0265255.1