2019/01/21 Aerosol liposome of marine extract and method of producing the same FRI
2017/02/11 Application of novel bacillus thuringiensis strain for inhibiting insect pests TACTRI
2016/04/01 Composition and method of regulating Cymbidium ensifolium growth TDARES
2015/07/11 Insect clamping device AHRI
2015/05/21 Primer kit and method for detecting if Cucurbitaceae plant is infected by Cucurbit chlorotic yellows virus TARI
2015/05/01 Intelligent waterfowl egg laying identification monitoring system TLRI
2015/03/11 A quick extraction kit for a procedure of detecting pesticide residues in agricultural products and a method of taking primary test liquid from agricultural sample by the quick extraction kit TACTRI
2014/05/11 Auxiliary germination apparatus HDARES
2014/04/01 Bacillus amyloliquefaciens and use of the same COA
2014/03/01 Insect infection method for production of proteins MDARES
2014/02/01 Actinobacteria and compost containing the same TDARES
2014/01/11 Molecular marker and method for detecting maternal genealogy in plant KDARES
2013/12/01 Environmental automatic regulation system of wax apples cultivation TARI
2013/11/11 Extraction methods of biotin and the functional compounds from placenta of dicots TNDARES
2013/11/11 Method to establish a molecular marker for detecting polymorphism in plant genome and the molecular marker establised thereby KDARES
2013/11/11 Recombinant polypeptide having pancreatic lipase activity and nucleic acid coding sequence thereof, and production and use of the same TLRI
2013/10/11 Auricularia polytricha extract for preventing and/or treating menopause symptoms TARI
2013/08/27 Fungi transformant for melanin production and uses thereof KDARES
2013/08/07 Packaging apparatus TLRI
2013/06/21 A rapid detection test paper for plant soft rot bacterium, Erwinia chrysanthemi BAPHIQ