Cucumis melo L. ‘Taichung No. 2’/TDARES

1. Seed:Seed length is about 8.9 mm with medium size, coat color in creamy yellow.
2. Flower:Both male and hermaphrodite flowers appear in the same plant.
3. Immature fruit:Green peel with medium level.
4. Mature fruit:The fruit length is about 15.6 cm with medium size, the fruit diameter is about 14.8 cm with medium size, the aspect ratio of the fruit is about 1.05 value with medium level, the middle is the largest diameter position, fruit shape round, fruit peel background color in green, no spots and verrucous protrusions on the fruit surface, fruit stalk is extremely difficult to drop, the shape of the stalk and navel are round, fruit pedicle traces of medium size, no ribs and creases on the fruit surface, the fruit surface is reticulated that thick and dense, green pulp, the shelf life is long, about 14.1 days.