Self-propelled pineapple intelligent spray flower inducer machine/KDARES

The purpose of this technology is to develop a self-propelled pineapple intelligent spray (irrigation) flower-inducing agent machine in line with the mechanization of the pineapple industry, so as to save the time and labor cost of farmers in the pineapple spray (irrigation) injection of flower-inducing agent, and improve the operation efficiency. , and solve the problem of the increasingly serious shortage of agricultural labor and aging. By testing and discussing the relevant collected data, the width of the border is about 100 cm, the row spacing is about 50 cm, and the plant spacing is 30 cm. Each border is planted in a triangular arrangement in two rows, with 30,000 to 40,000 plants per hectare. The self-propelled pineapple intelligent spray ( Irrigation) injection of flower-inducing agent machinery. Its main mechanism is divided into self-propelled vehicle, power (single-cylinder gasoline engine), sprinkler mechanism and vision system. Use the visual system to identify the center of the pineapple plant, and determine the location and time of sprinkling (irrigation).
Patent: TW M629535