Plant Growth Promoting Microorganism Bacillus velezensis JS strain and its incremental formula/TARI

Microorganism Bacillus velezensis JS strain could promote the plant growth due to its phosphorus-dissolving activity and producing IAA to promote crop rooting. It also has chitinase and protease activity to be as a disease control agent. The next-generation sequencing analysis showed that it contains genes related to the production of surfactin and salicylic acid which could metabolite to induce systemic disease resistance in plants. The green onion growth promotion test was carried out in the Sanxing area of Yilan, and the results showed that the plants were relatively strong, resistant to flooding, and could increase the yield by 27.3%. The cucumber growth test was carried out in Changhua area showed that B. velezensis JS could induce plants to produce antiviral activity and promote the plant growth. We proved that the B. velezensis JS is a potential strain to be as biological fertilizers and biological stimulants.