Manufacturing and assembling technology of automatic shell splitting machine for cocoa fruit/KDARES

This creation is about an automatic shelling machine for cocoa fruit, which mainly includes a conveyor belt drive motor, a conveyor belt and a cutting knife assembly. This technology is to manually place the cocoa fruits on two conveyor belts to form a V-shaped conveyor belt. The conveyor belts are equipped with baffles at a distance of 40 cm to facilitate pushing and prevent the cocoa fruits from slipping. When the cocoa fruits are installed and fixed When the cutter is cut up and down between the two gaps of the conveyor belt, the cocoa fruit is pushed by the baffle of the conveyor belt, so that the fruit is cut by the cutter to achieve the shell splitting action. Then, the cocoa fruits that are cut are sent to the screening drum, and the cocoa beans are separated from the husks by the rotation of the drum.
Patent: TW M636629