Exclusive feed formula technology for robotic milking system/TLRI

The robot milking system is a new type of equipment for the domestic dairy industry. According to expert reports, the introduction of the robot milking system is conducive to improving the management of dairy farms and the welfare of herds, mainly because the robot milking system can record the health status of individual cows, such as milk production, feed intake, and milk quality of cows, so that management decisions will be closer to the needs of the herd. Dairy farms using traditional milking machines mainly use Total Mix Ration (TMR) for herd feeding. However, for herds using a robotic milking system, due to the milking process, additional concentrates will be added to increase the milking willingness of cows, so the diet formula needs to be adjusted to Partial Mix Ration (Partial Mix Ration, PMR) feeding. The Livestock Research Institute Hsinchu Branch introduced a robotic milking machine system in 2019 and has accumulated three years of practical experience. The maximum monthly income of cows using a robotic milking system can reach NT$30,000 per head per month. This technology takes the raw materials commonly used in domestic dairy farms as the crucial of technology research and development. The diet formula strategy is based on the daily milking operation schedule, milking frequency, and milk production of the robotic milking system, which can not only make full use of robotic milking System benefits, but milk quality is also relatively stable.