Hand push fertilizer applicator/TDARES

Hand pushfertilizer applicator was designed as a four-wheel chassis with fertilizer hopper above and the operating handle can be adjusted for different user. The two front wheels of this machine was designed by using similar differential principle which was one wheel combined with drive shaft for synchronized circumrotation and the other wheel was equipped with bearing as free-rolling wheel. Therefore, the machine can turn a corner easily and shortened the radius of circumgyration for flexible operation. The wheels can be substituted as rubber or iron wheel for different field condition and the discharge equipment of the bottom side of fertilizer hopper can be rotated for dropping fertilizer in the plot of the land. The rear wheels of the machine can support the operation regardless of moving or static state. While applying granule fertilizer, the baffle of fertilizer hopper should be put down to avoid the accumulation of fertilizer in the discharge equipment and the open extant of feed inlet should be adjusted for controlling the fertilizer amounts. While applying powdery fertilizer, the baffle of fertilizer bucket should be closed up to avoid bridge phenomenon. The dropped fertilizer amounts of the machine can be adjusted through controlling the open extant of feed outlet by the ternary controller.
Patent: TW M521873