Technique of synthesis of mycorrhizal Cyclobalanopsis glauca seedlings with Tuber Indicum/TFRI

Collect the seeds of Cyclobalanopsis glauca.Seeds are carried out 3-month low-temperature stratification after surface sterilization with 1% NaOCl. In order to get the semi-asepctic seedlings, seeds are planted into the sterilized potted soil. 6-month old aseptic-seedlings are inocultated spore suspension with different concentration.
Verification work was conducted by check the roots of these one-year-old semi-steriled Quercus glauca seedlings were colonization by other mycorrizal fungi before the inoculation test. These semi-steriled seedlings were inocualted by spore suspension of Tuber indiucm. Two inoculated methods were conducted. (1) polypaks with seedlings was soaked with different concentrations of spore suspension for 5min ;(2)Individual plant was inoculated with 1ml spore supension of a variety of spore suspension. Assessment results to show the mehod of polypake-soaking is ineffective, almost did not find mycorrizal plants, the average infection ratio was 1.25%. Adjusted spore suspension into 8000,4000, 2000 and 1000 spores/ml, and inoculated 1ml spore suspension on the roots of individual plant. 8000 spores/ ml inoculum has the highest success rate, followed by 4000, 2000 and 1000 and then followed; success rates were 22%, 17%, 12% and 8%. Mycorrizal plants were fertilized with 3 ways, one is fertilized by 100-day long-acting fertilizer , one is spraying diluted chemical fertilizer very 2 weeks, and one is no top dressing as control. Resurlt of top dressing test showed 100-days long-acting fertilizer show the best effect on the growth of seedlings. and then fellowed by spraying diluted chemical fertilizer very 2 weeks and control.