Orchard Ride-on Fertilizer Machinery/TDARES

Based on the demand of fertilization management in orchard, the fertilizer applicator can apply organic fertilizer under tree-crown was design by modifying a four-wheel-drive & four-wheel-steering ride-on fertilizer machinery. This machine is powered by a 16-hp diesel engine with 6-forward and 2-reverse speed transmission box.The backward delivery of fertilizer was propelled by double spiral from the fertilizer tank bear 300-350 kg to underside circular turntable for spreading fertilizer. The amount, direction, and spray angle of fertilizer can be controlled in the machine. Can also choose single-side or double-side spreading.In the experimental results, the maximum distance of fertilizer spread from one side was 8 m. By using the machine, the working performance was faster than artificial working performance about 5 times which was equal to economize manpower and material resources about 80%.
Patent: TW M527676