Automatic irrigation program/TYDARES

The purpose of this automatic irrigation program is to manage the irrigation equipment of the facility agriculture, to connect the meteorological sensors and controllers with the Internet of Things technology, to monitor the environment with the weather sensor, to release the controller by the program instructions to start or close the irrigation equipment of the motor or electromagnetic Valve, to achieve automatic management. The operating platform provides user operation instructions through the NodeJS architecture for irrigation equipment, weather monitoring devices and control devices in agricultural greenhouse facilities. MQTT is used as a data exchange protocol between environmental sensors and irrigation controllers. The program subordinate can be divided into sensors, motor controllers and irrigation controllers. The control mode can be divided into manual and automatic, manual parts can be opened and closed by remote operation, automatic part can be based on time schedule and According to the sensor (soil hygrometer, flow meter, electronic pounds) up and down the threshold to open or close the water, can be set intermittent watering mode. The safety design provides the motor controller without flow detection value to automatically shut down, irrigation can set the maximum water supply time or water supply. The system provides a variety of control mode, suitable for facilities vegetables, flower crops cultivation use.