Technique for Producing Composite Composting Fermentation Strainlnoculant/TDARES

In view of the needs of the industry, the Agricultural Improvement Center of Taichung District,
Council of Agriculture, used Trichoderma and Bacillus for fermentation and developed a composite
composting fermentation inoculant, which can be directly applied to the composting process and can
be modulated into a biological organic liquid fertilizer. In addition, it can be inoculated into the remaining material of the mushroom production by using the fermented inoculant made by fermentation to produce a bacteriostatic pad, which can be directly used at the bottom of the chicken coop to accelerate the decomposition of the livestock manure, reduce the odor, solve the environmental pollution caused by the centralized transportation of materials, and shorten the time of the back-end fermentation process. The compost product developed by this technology can solve the problem of inhibiting root growth and easily breeding pathogen when the chicken manure is directly applied to the crop planting area. The technology has the advantages of convenient operation, low cost, shortened process, and reduced odor. It can solve the environmental pollution caused by surplus agricultural production, and achieve the purpose of the agricultural economic cycle.