Wireless transmission automatic monitoring irrigation control module/TYDARES

The Internet of Things technology integrates wifi wireless transmission, soil moisture meter, flow meter, relay and other components, and designs the firmware control program according to the irrigation mode. With the intelligent agricultural development system operation, the sensor data is transmitted through the wifi network to the development system to store and release the control conditions and commands. When there is an external network, the remote operation management can be performed, and the soil moisture can be detected by itself when there is no network. Automatic irrigation. The intelligent irrigation mode includes 1. manual remote operation, 2. automatic monitoring control can be based on the set threshold, the threshold is started to start the solenoid valve irrigation, and the flow rate is calculated by the flow meter. When the water volume threshold is reached, the solenoid valve is closed to stop the water supply. 3. Integrate monitoring and management with smart agricultural development system program blocks. It can be applied to urban farming environment, crop cultivation management and green landscaping irrigation.