Wireless transmission automatic sheltering sun control module/TYDARES

Integrate wifi wireless transmission, photometer, anemometer, 2 sets of relays and other components with IoT technology, and design firmware control program according to greenhouse shading requirements. With the intelligent agricultural development system operation, the sensor data is transmitted through the wifi network to the development system to store and release the control conditions and commands. When there is an external network, the remote operation management can be performed, and the soil moisture can be detected by itself when there is no network. Automatic irrigation. The operation mode includes 1. Remote manual operation, 2. Continuously record the amount of sunshine, and automatically open the shade net to reduce the amount of sunshine of the crop when the average amount of sunshine in the time interval is too high. At the same time, the anemometer is detected. When the wind reaches a certain standard, the shading net is automatically taken up, and the wind resistance is reduced to avoid damage to the shading net equipment. 3. Integrate monitoring and management with smart agricultural development system program blocks. It can be applied to the automatic control of the facility greenhouse shade network.