Mass production technology of napiergrass No.8/TLRI

Since the hybridization in 2005, the elite line selection, the regional test, the cultivation management test and the animal test were selected by the descendants, and the excellent line 2504 was selected as the erect plexus type, with 35-38 branches/plant. The leaves are erect, and the leaf body and the sheath hairs are no or very few. The leaf height of the leaves of the 8th week of regeneration is 71.8 cm, and the height of the leaf tip is 149.0 cm, which belongs to the middle stem type. The stem diameter was 1.3 cm, the leaf length was 70.0 cm, the width was 4.3 cm, and the leaf to stem dry matter ratio was 0.93. The average annual fresh grass yield is 268 mt/ha and the dry matter production is 42.4 mt/ha. The crude protein content was 12.0% and the relative feeding value was 99.1%. It was unanimously approved by the naming review committee on October 19, 2018, and was named Napiergrass Taishiu No. 8 . It is a widest leaves of variety , and has the characteristics of high relative feed value, high yield, aging and resistance to diseases and insects. It can be used for fresh forage animals.