Sorghum New Varieties "Nan DARES No. 7" and "Nan DARES No. 8"/TNDARES

The Tainan District Agricultural Ressearch and extention Station carried out the Project of "Golden channel of high speed raid " and the " Payment Scheme of Green Environment " of the Council of Agriculture. After several years of work, we have developed two sorghum new varieties "Nan DARES No. 7 and Nan DARES No. 8". Nan DARES No. 7 produces 3,500 to 4,000 kilograms of grain per hectare. After three years of trials, the "Nan DARES No. 7" has good drought tolerance, and without spraying pestcide. Nan DARES No. 8 produces 4,500-5,000 kg of grain per hectare. The sorghum wine of "Nan DARES No. 7" and "Nan DARES No. 8" were produced by the Kinmen Kaoliang liquor Inc. The production rate and quality is good, and it is a high quality sorghum wine.