Attach Leafy Vegetable Transplanter/TYDARES

The technology aims to provide transplants of leafy vegetables such as Chinese cabbage, Qingjiang cabbage, rapeseed, small pine, and borage, so that the behavioral target of 15-20 cm 8 can be transplanted at a time. The transplanter is equipped with 8 conveyor belts, each with a belt width of 5 cm and a pitch of 5 cm. The whole group of transplanting machines is carried by the traction machine, and the semi-automatic transplantation mode of seedlings is provided by two people. The transplanting machine has functions of ditching, falling seedling and covering soil. In 107 years, the development facility used electric power to run the main engine, with a length of 487 cm, width 178 cm, and 175 cm high. The required power supply consisted of four 12-volt 110-ampere lead-acid batteries connected in series, and the fuselage had two sets of deceleration groups to provide the slowest. Go forward and walk at a speed of 2.1 meters per minute, and transplant about 4 to 5 hours per 0.1 hectare.