Dendrobium Tdares Angel Emperor‘Taichung No. 4 FM Jadeite’/TDARES

Taichung No. 4, a new generation of Nobile-Type Denrobium, is quite adaptable to the hot climate and has the characteristics of less disease, strong and fast growth.
1. Fast growth: 2 to 3 flowering pseudobulbs were grown each year.
2. Early flowering: the natural flowering period is in early February, which can supply the Chinese New Year market.
3. Stable and many flower: Plants with 14 to 16 knots, and with more than 33 flowers per pseudobulb.
4. Strong and Health: It is not sensitive to anthracnose and soft rot during cultivation, and moderately sensitive to spot disease.

5. Waterfall-like Inflorescences.
6. With Charming fragrance.
7. More than 5 weeks vase life.