Attached Two-Row Seedling Transplanter/TDARES

The 50 hp tractor attached the transplanter (186 cm long, 208 cm width and 127 cm high) with two pairs of planting elements and seedling stand was designed as taro seedling transplanter. The length and turning radius of taro transplanter were 5.24 m and 2.8 m. One person operates in a single pair of planting element for supplying the taro seedlings into the transplanter and then starts to break soil, trenching, clamping up seedling down to the trench, and covering soil twice followed by the ridge formation front and rear of the transplanter. There are 2,000 taro seedlings can be putted on the seedling stands and two persons sit behind the trsnaplanter for giving a seedling to the clamp within 3 seconds that not only can enhance the seedling planting efficiency to 23.1% compared with labor planting efficiency per person but avoid the pain caused by bend over while labor planting. Besides that, the planting distance in row can be adjusted to the range of 60-80 cm. The planting space by the transplanter can be adjusted by changing different gears and clamp numbers with 12 combinations. In addition, There were not significant differences on horticultural characteristics of taro between mechanical and artificial seedlings in the early and middle stages , and the yield and quality were compared at the time of harvesting, and then the reference application was promoted.
Patent: TW M585475