Top Suction Forced Air Cooling Facility/TARI

The facility is mainly designed for pre-cooling Phalaenopsis orchid for export. Many exporters use the top and bottom punched carton boxes for Phalaenopsis. It takes about 30 hours to cool down the plants when the cartons are stacked and cooled with room cooling. The efficiency by side-suction forced air pre-cooling is low. In this technology the phalaenopsis plants are packed and stacked on pallets. A ventilation device is installed at the top. When the device works cool air will be forced to enter from the bottom of the pallet and passes through the holes of the carton. The plants inside will be rapidly cooled. It takes about 2 hours to cool the plants. Moreover, this equipment can be used for temporary pre-cooling of fruits, including fruity vegetables. On harvesting fruits are usually put in baskets. The containers are usually not fulfilled. Side suction forced air cooling is not suitable because a part of cool air will pass through the space above the products but not the products, which reduces the cooling efficiency. This technology allows the cool air to enter from the bottom and pass through the product, which improves the cooling efficiency.
Patent: TW M592654