Manufacturing and assembly technology of crawler plant residue crushing mechanism/TYDARES

In view of the current conventional shredder cannot smash the fiber waste bamboo material, a small crawler plant residue shredder was developed. The machine is composed of a crawler body, a 13-horsepower four-cylinder diesel engine, a feeding mechanism, and a rotating crushing roller. It consists of mechanism, screen, discharging mechanism and oil pressure safety reversal control system. Tests have shown that it can crush wood, corn stalks, green cut corn, pennisetum, rice stalks and fibrous waste bamboo with a diameter of less than 10 cm, and can be crushed to the smallest particle size of 4 mm. It is equipped with special processing blades and has a work efficiency of 600- 1,000 kg/hr, at the same time it has self-propelled function, can go to the crushing site at any time to improve work efficiency.
Patent: TW M610464