Manufacturing technology of winter melon peeling machine/TYDARES

This technology is the manufacturing technology of winter melon peeling machinery. After placing winter melon on the peeling platform of the machine, the machine can automatically peel it instead of manual peeling. The mechanization of winter melon peeling can promote the purchase of winter melon by agricultural processing industry to make winter melon. The winter melon peeling machine uses the rotating peeling principle to place the winter melon behind the supporting base, and fix the winter melon on the top of the air cylinder, and press the start button to start the peeling. The peeling principle is to move the peeling knife up and down so that the peeling knife can touch the rotating winter melon to complete the peeling work. The peeling time of each winter melon is about 3 minutes after field test, and it can be used for large winter melon and small winter melon weighing less than 18 kg. This mechanical structure was awarded the Taiwan Model Patent No. M603728.