Production and application of potential probiotics to improve growth performance and decrease the ammonia concentration of manure for farm animals/TLRI

This technology includes screening, identification and characterization of potential probiotic isolates. Development of the bacterial powder type products, which are convenient to use, has also been finished, . Animal experiments on white broilers, laying hens and goats showed that: 1. In the treatment group added with potential probiotic isolates, the body weight gain and feed efficiency of the white broilers were significantly better than those of the control group, and the ammonia concentration of the litter was significantly reduced more than 40% in the middle and late stages of rearing; 2. Addition of potential probiotic isolates and electrolytes to layer diets can significantly improve egg production performance, egg weight, protein height and color in hot seasons, and also reduce fecal odor; 3. Addition of diets for lambs with potential probiotic isolates have positive effects on protein digestibility, feed intake and daily weight gain, and can also reduce the concentration of ammonia in the feces.