Mass production formula and application technology of Bacillus velezensi amino acid microbial fertilizer/MDARES

The selected microorganism "new strain" MLBV19-3 has excellent phosphate and potassium dissolving activities. The strain was identified as Bacillus velezensi by the Institute of Food Industry, and it has been patented for 30 years and the whole gene is sequenced. , The SOP mass production process of 5 metric tons of large-scale industrial production fermentation tank has been developed, and the freeze-drying mass production process has been completed, which can produce 5X10^9CFU/ml powder. Further complete the Chinese and English reports of the animal toxicology test of GLP oral and pulmonary respiratory toxicity, and
prepare a copy of the registration requirements for Bacillus amino acid microbial fertilizer. The formulation of the probiotic amino acid fertilizer has been prepared. The first formula has been completed, and the field fertilizer efficiency test has been carried out on two strawberry varieties, courgette and green pepper. As a result, the 1000-fold dilution treatment group performed the best.