The "rotary moth- repellent lamp" used in fruit orchard to repelling the fruit piercing moths (FPMs)/TYDARES

This "rotary moth- repellent lamp" has a special moth-repellent wavelength, combined with a deceleration motor and a conductive slip ring to produce rotation characteristics. It is installed in the cluster lampshade and installed in the orchard. It produces bright and rotating light beams at night, which is relatively more energy-saving and covers a wider range of repellent area than traditional moth-repellent lamps.
Aiming at the mature period of fruit trees, such as peaches, fruit piercing moths (FPMs) fly into the orchard at night and suck the fruit that cause damage to the fruit. This "rotary moth- repellent lamp" can effectively avoid and reduce the damage of its invasion. This is the application of physical control technology, aiming at the dilemma that the fruit tree cannot use pesticide or the traditional moth.
Patent: TW M616941