Crawler-type electric intelligent follow farmland transporter/KDARES

The main organization of this machine:
1.Power mechanism: The two 12 volt (V) batteries are connected in series to generate 24 volts (V) to supply the left and right individual DC brushed motors with 24 volts (V) power and 600W speed 4,850rpm drive motor, drive motor drives 48:1 reducer, The output shaft of the reducer drives the 12-tooth chain gear, and the power drives the track 19-tooth chain gear through the chain, and then the track chain gear drives the crawler to complete the walking action. In order to reduce the turning radius, this machine adopts independent driving motors on the left and right sides, which can rotate forward and backward at the same time to rotate in place when turning.
2.The principle of the electronic control system: With ultra-wideband (UWB) low power consumption, high transmission rate and short-distance wireless communication technology, the ranging base station and ranging tag are used as start, follow and stop. The ultra-wideband ranging base station is installed in the body, and the The broadband ranging tag is carried by the operator as an identification and following target. When the operator moves, the ultra-wideband ranging base station senses the movement of the ultra-wideband ranging tag, and then starts to follow. It sets the following distance range, based on actual field testing and farmers' operational requirements. In addition, this machine is equipped with an RGB+D depth camera as an obstacle avoidance monitoring system. The camera captures the working environment at any time, and when an obstacle is captured, it immediately informs the vehicle control unit (VCU) to process the follow-up. During operation, you can choose to follow or operate in remote control mode according to the type of operation.