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Fruit Powder Processing Techniques

Tsai HsienTsung

Tea Research and Extension Station, Executive Yuan,

Council of Agriculture, Taiwan.




      After two years of research and development, the Tea Research and Extension Station of the Executive Yuan (ROC) has successfully developed a fruit powder processing technique for lemon, mountain bitter gourd and okra. This technique can process characteristic fruits and vegetables into powder, which not only retains the original flavor and nutritional value of the fruits and vegetables, but also makes drinking it very convenient. Consumers only need to add water to brew it, which is a popular trend.

      In order to improve the processing value and diversified utilization of agricultural products, the Tea Research and Extension Station applies its core technique of drying and milling in the tea processing process further to other agricultural products. This technique can effectively remove the astringent flavor of fruits and vegetables, while the ingredients of fruits and vegetables can be concentrated by 6-8 times to increase the natural flavor of fruits and vegetables. It is very convenient to add water to the fruit power and drink it, allowing consumers to enjoy the delicious taste and absorb nutrients. In addition, the processed fruit powder has a longer shelf life than the unprocessed fruits and vegetables, which can increase the value of agricultural products.

     Using the oven for the production of dried fruits and vegetables is generally cheaper than fruit and vegetable milling, while processing temperature and drying time are the key points. This technique can fully retain the natural colors of fruits and vegetables, as well as their aroma and flavor. It can solve the problem of reducing product price due to the darker color of the dried fruits and vegetables when the processing temperature is too high, and increase the value of the product. In addition, the high temperature of the general milling process makes the color of the fruit and vegetable powder darker and the flavor poor, while this technique uses low temperature grinding technology to overcome this difficulty, so it is possible to maintain the original color of fruits and vegetables. Manufacturers who have acquired the key technique from the Tea Research and Extension Station can start processing within in a short period of time; the fruit powders that are easy to store and to use with a primary color and concentrated ingredients.

     The Tea Research and Extension Station has developed the fruit powder processing technique for lemon, mountain bitter gourd and okra. The technique can be non-exclusively licensed with a license period of 3 years and a technical transfer fee of NT$ 200,000. In 2018, 5 companies successfully obtained the license and mass production will start in the fruit and vegetable harvest season. This technology and the products developed have great potential for development, which will drive a wave of new drinks. The processed fruit powder can extend the shelf life and increase the value of agricultural products. The farmers and the companies interested in processing the fruit powder product can contact the Tea Research and Extension Station for more details.

Figure 1.Lemon Fruit Powder

Figure 2. Mountain Bitter Gourd Powder

Figure 3. Okra Powder