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Brown Algae Pigment Extraction Technology

Po-Hsuan Chen

 Fisheries Research Institute, Council of Agriculture, Taiwan.





       Brown algae pigment can be used as a raw material for health care or skin care products. The extraction technology is the key steps on the stability of brown algae pigments, which results in a large difference in pigment material prices. The Fisheries Research Institute has developed “brown algae pigment extraction technology”, and its technical content includes a multi-stage extraction process that can improve the extraction rate of brown algae pigment, and the algae pigment obtained by the extraction has high stability. This technology is an important niche for developing brown algae pigment as a health care material. It has also been found through cell experiments that brown algae pigment can strengthen the metabolic ability of intracellular fat cells to play the role in reducing grease accumulation, and can effectively remove superoxide free radicals to prevent superoxide radicals from attacking cell tissues.

Figure 1 Brownalgae that contains rich functional polysaccharide and color pigment

Figure 2 Natural color pigment of brown algae