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Brown Algae Functional Polysaccharide Extraction and Separation Technology

Po-Hsuan Chen

 Fisheries Research Institute, Council of Agriculture, Taiwan.




        Brown algae functional polysaccharide can be used as a key ingredient in health foods and skin care products. So far, only a few manufacturers in Taiwan can produce brown algae functional polysaccharides, so that most of it is still imported. Fisheries Research Institute has developed “Brown algae functional polysaccharide extraction and separation technology”, and the technical contents include: cleaning, algae crushing, extraction, separation and hydrolysis and other steps, which can reduce brown algae smell and avoid browning. The extraction process does not use acid, alkali and organic solvents and there is no chemical solvent residue. The extract “brown algae functional polysaccharide” has been confirmed by cell or animal experiments to have immunomodulatory and anti-inflammatory activities with the potential to be developed as a health food material.

Figure 1 Using our technique to extract and hydrolyze brown algae functional polysaccharide

Figure 2 Functional polysaccharide of brown algae

Figure 3 Extracts of functional polysaccharide and color pigment of brown algae can be used as new ingredients for health foods