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Crawler Wood Grinder

Taoyuan District Agricultural Research and Extension Station, Council of Agriculture, Executive Yuan
Chu-Hsiang Tseng (assistant researcher)
Tel:886-3-476-8216 ext. 347

  • Scope of application: Gardens, nurseries, colleges, orchards, forest farms, parks, scenic spots, municipal organs, enterprises and institutions, and real estate.
  • Applicable objects: Stems of shrubs, bamboos, arbors, vines and other plants below 8 cm.

        The crawler wood grinder (hereinafter referred to as the “grinder”) is composed of three parts: the body, the middle body and the crawler chassis. The middle body is equipped with an engine, a crushing cutter head and a feeding port. The cutter has an alloy cutter head with high wear-resistance and improved output, and has the function of high-speed operation of the cutter rotor of the crusher driven by the engine for fine crushing, This function enables the machine to generate high-speed power to produce high-strength impact force, compression force on crushed materials and cutting force, and so achieve a unique crushing function.

The grinder of our Station is a new type of agricultural machinery, and its main components include organic shell, bearing, screen, transmission wheel, and groove frame. All materials are cast from manganese steel.

    The whole piece of equipment, driven by the engine only, is characterized by simple structure, compact layout, low price, stable work, low energy consumption, high output and low processing cost. In addition to wood, it can also be used for cutting fibrous stalk-like materials such as bamboo, thatch, corn stalk, sorghum stalk, etc., so it is very suitable for agricultural wood cutting and crushing production.

    The grinder can be produced according to the customer's agricultural needs, output, accessories, material thickness and other factors, and can be customized according to different types and sizes of wood grinders.

    This grinder is suitable for the crushing of the following materials: bamboo powder, husks, bark, leaves, corncob, grains, dehydrated vegetables, charcoal, activated carbon, cellulose, plant roots, stems, leaves, flowers, fruits, and the processing of hundreds of various types of materials with difficult characteristics, therefore, it is the ideal grinder in various industries. (Note: This grinder is not suitable for grinding flammable and explosive materials)

    This grinder is one of a series of special equipment for agricultural grinding invented after years of research and design in this Station according to my agricultural needs. It has the characteristics of good effect, simple structure, compact layout, low price, stable work, low energy consumption, high output, good quality of crushed products, and low processing cost. Because of its compact design structure, safety, durability and high production efficiency, once it is known and put to use, it is very effective.

Precautions for the operation of this machine

  • When starting the operation, please pay attention to whether there is any debris on the grinder machine. When testing the machine, it should be checked to see if it is in reverse, and a small portion of material should be put in to see if the processed product meets expectations. When the customer installs the test machine at home after buying it, try to wait for the first piece of wood to enter the feed port before putting the second piece in to avoid jamming.
  • The grinder should be fed evenly. If there is noise, excessive temperature of the bearing and the machine body, or material spraying out, it should be stopped immediately to check and troubleshoot.
  • Stop feeding the wood grinder before shutting it down, and shut off the power after the material in the standby is removed. Cleaning and maintenance should be carried out after shutdown.
  • Before the wood grinder works, the staff should carefully check the materials to prevent hard objects such as metals and stones from entering the grinding chamber and causing accidents.

What is the use of sawdust from a wood grinder?

  • With the change of seasons, branches and trunks will fall, and a large amount of these materials will cause some unnecessary troubles. In this regard, we must find a way to deal with these materials.
  • This grinder can directly smash branches and trunks, and the pulverized products can be used in many places. Pulverized sawdust, for example, can be used as a culture medium, and sawdust can be processed into charcoal and other energy sources that can be recycled.