Mass culture of microalgae for aquaculture as live food FRI
  Printable seed-paper manufacture TFRI
  Production of cinnamaldehyde and flavonoids from Cinnamomum osmophloeum "cinnamon type" TFRI
  Selection techniques of skin color and egg production in Red Feathered Chicken. TLRI
  The Herbal Compound for Cows Post-natal Care TLRI
  Caky tea process technology TRES
  The dry - expansion method of Forest-garden healing TFRI
  Sweet sorghum variety Taisu No.1 TLRI
  The Primer Sets and Probes for Viroid Detection Biochip of Capsicum and Tomato TSIPS
  Integrated organic management and propagation technology of Salvia miltiorrhiza. HDARES
  Integrated organic management and propagation technology of Angelica acutiloba. HDARES
  Self-propelled soil steam sterilizer TNDARES
2023/03/01 Exclusive feed formula technology for robotic milking system TLRI
2022/12/31 Production of forage corn pellet TLRI
2022/12/31 Manufacturing and assembling technology of automatic shell splitting machine for cocoa fruit KDARES
2022/12/31 Applying analysis technology for paddy patch detection with multiple image sources. AFA
2022/10/12 Plant Growth Promoting Microorganism Bacillus velezensis JS strain and its incremental formula TARI
2022/09/01 Self-propelled pineapple intelligent spray flower inducer machine KDARES
2022/08/01 Processing technology of coffee flavor pigeon pea tea TRES
2022/03/16 The technology of organic grain feed preparation and feed formula for organic laying hens from growth to laying period TLRI