2018/12/31 Phalaenopsis supreme plant selected from hybridized seedling population TNDARES
2018/12/31 Culture technology of Calanthe Rollissonii TYDARES
2018/03/01 technique of culturing Denseflower Elaeagnus TFRI
2018/01/02 Healthy grain combinations TDARES
2017/12/31 Automatic irrigation program TYDARES
2017/12/31 Tractor mounted operating machine integrating vine-cutting and harvest for sweet potatoes TYDARES
2017/12/31 The new-type middle and micro elements fertliizer KDARES
2017/12/31 Development and application technology of cold cathode fluorescent plant growth lamps for cultivation of perilla and cucurbitaceae rootstocks TYDARES
2017/12/31 Wireless transmission automatic monitoring irrigation control module TYDARES
2017/12/31 Wireless transmission automatic sheltering sun control module TYDARES
2017/06/30 A simple method to measrue canopy TFRI
2017/03/31 Leafy vegetable bulk harvester TYDARES
2016/12/31 Development of rapid diagnostic kits for aquatic disease-acute hepatopancreatic necrosis(EMS) detection strips FRI
2016/12/31 Production and storage condition for TCS197 rice material suitable for making pure rice vermicelli TDARES
2015/12/31 Horticulture technique for high-yielding Oiltea Camellia TRES
2015/12/31 Optimized technique of pressing camellia oil TRES
2015/12/31 Elite breeding and feature fixation of Oiltea camellia species TRES
2015/12/31 Hand push fertilizer applicator TDARES
2015/12/31 An expelling and prevention device for monkeys TYDARES
2015/12/31 The technology of shorten phalaenopsis leaves for increasing space efficiency HDARES