2014/12/31 Irrigation trigger-timely technology and device TDARES
2014/12/31 Technique of synthesis of mycorrhizal Cyclobalanopsis glauca seedlings with Tuber Indicum TFRI
2014/12/31 Technique of Functional Coffee Leaves Tea KDARES
2013/12/31 a utility model patent of fruit covering bag TNDARES
2013/12/31 production species group of black soldier fly (Hermetia illuces) ShihWu line TLRI
2013/12/31 Formulation development of Trichoderma virens and its application on cabbage seed coating BAPHIQ
2013/12/31 Hanging type dry field sower HDARES
2013/12/31 Selection and application of White Roman goose LRI 1 TLRI
2013/12/31 The hydrosols volatile components extraction technology of Geranium and Magnolia TRES
2013/12/31 Techniques of breeding and management on laying ducks during laying period TLRI
2013/12/31 Prunus sp. 'Taoyuan No.1-Spring' TYDARES
2013/12/31 Prunus sp. 'Taoyuan No.2-Red plum' TYDARES
2013/12/31 System of Intelligent Insect Management in Warehouse TARI
2013/12/31 The technology of the propagation, acclimation and utilization of the in vitro mature plantlets of Nephrolepis biserrata and Woodwardia prolifera. TFRI
2013/12/31 Development of High Unsaturated Chicken Oil TLRI
2013/12/31 Mass production technology of napiergrass No.8 TLRI
2013/12/31 System of intelligently environmental mintor in geese house TLRI
2013/07/31 spore reproduction system of Cyathea lepifera TFRI
2013/07/07 The technology of honey dried jujube KDARES
2012/12/31 The software about the managerial records and the benefit analysis on the dairy goat farms. TLRI