2009/12/31 Identification method for analyzing the purity of hybrid watermelon seed TARI
2009/12/31 The formula of anka meat ball TLRI
2009/12/31 A new extracting technology for the brown seaweed applied in the cosmetic and skin care products FRI
2009/12/31 Development of growing medium containing antagonic microorganisms to control crops seedling diseases KDARES
2009/12/31 The manufacturing of Tiekuanyin black tea TRES
2009/12/31 Multi-purpose tea roasting machine TRES
2009/12/31 A tea middle-pruning machine attach on the small caterpilla TRES
2009/12/31 Technology of Wood Cultivation of Antrodia cinnamomea and Sporocarps Obtained Thereby TESRI
2009/12/31 Liquid Spawn for the Inoculation of Cultivation on Mushrooms AFA
2009/12/31 The Cultivation Technique of Cordyceps mi/itaris TARI
2009/12/31 Manufacture on crusher of residue plant TYDARES
2008/12/31 The development of insulated container with cool-storage slab for keeping postharvest quality of horticultural prodicts TYDARES
2008/12/31 Processing techniques of rice-bran oil soap TDARES
2008/12/31 A continuous seed warming and sterilizing machine HDARES
2008/12/31 Micro digital fish-finding module FRI
2008/12/31 Sweet Potato variety Taoyuan No.3 TYDARES
2008/12/31 Tomato "Tainan 24" TNDARES
2008/12/31 The Technique of Production of High Quality Composts KDARES
2008/12/31 Organic wax apple growth system TARI
2007/12/31 Shape Integration Carboard Carton TDARES