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Development of washing and grading machine for green-bamboo shoots/TYDARES

A new washing and grading machine for green-bamboo shoots was developed. This machine consisted of green-bamboo shoot automatic loading, washing and weight grading mechanism. The tank of automatic loading mechanism at the front part of this machine was filled with water to float the bamboo shoots. The water was spouted through a nozzle at the entrance of the conveyor, and the bamboo shoots on the conveyor was moved and washed by a constant velocity. The conveying velocity was adjustable according to the need of the users. The hydraulic pressure was maintained by a high-pressure pump and the water was spouted with a different angle and direction from the nozzles to wash off the mud on the bamboo shoots. At present, the washing velocity was 1.2 cm/sec, and the cleanness was above 90 %. The weighting mechanism was divided into four levels. These levels were, respectively, over 100 g, 200 g, 300g, and 400 g and weight of each level can be adjusted by different weight of poise. This machine can speed the post-harvest treatment of green-bamboo shoots and can decrease the labor cost

Patent: TW M296234